Pregnant Woman Jailed Because She Is a Rape Victim

An 18-year-old woman who was searching for a rental home for herself and her husband was lured into an empty building and was gang raped by seven men. A police officer found her after the incident and dismissed her statement, because it was a Muslim holiday and he did not want to take the time to investigate. The men who raped her had told her during the event that if she told anyone what had happened they would kill her. The police officer who found her did nothing, so this confirmed her fears that no would would help or take her seriously. She lives in a country where rape convictions are rare, and, instead, the VICTIM maybe prosecuted for adultery.  (Full story here-

She is now seven months pregnant. Because her attackers filmed the event, she was arrested for adultery, and could face death by stoning. She is now sleeping on the concrete floor in a jail cell. Victim’s rights in many different parts of the world are not looked upon the same as here in the USA. We hear about her horrible ordeal, in wonder and dismay. I look at her situation and realize there are three victims. The woman, her husband, and her unborn child. In America that child would be marked for death. Advocates for justice cry out against her stoning, but many of those same supporters of the woman are staunch believers that injecting her womb with a salt solution so the baby scalds to death would be okay. Many believe abortion in case of rape is okay.  Why are we appalled by how her country’s judicial system condemns the pregnant rape victim to death, and not realize that we condemn innocent children to death because of rape, here in our own country through the laws that are passed everyday!?

 I pray that this woman is not found guilty of adultery. I hope the video will help the judge realize she was not a willing participant. No one who wants to have sex needs to be held down while each man takes their turn. Victims need just laws and fair courts. She does not desire death by stoning and neither does her child. No child wants to die.

My son was one pound, eight ounces when he was born…  I was told that he was a fighter. Our 27 week gestational age baby was fighting for life. This desire and fight inside him to survive did not instantaneously occur on the day he was born, rather it was in him from the moment he was conceived.

This woman tried to fight off her attackers, and now she has to fight a brutal judicial system. This corrupt system does not recognize her as the victim. Please join with me as we pray for her release, that she receives understanding and grace from her husband. And, pray for life and  blessings for her soon-to-be-born child. “Every preborn child deserves to be born, no matter the circumstances of his or her conception. Abortion only perpetuates the violence. Life liberates.

Edited by Shawn Spry


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