Will My Silence Save Babies?

Will my silence save babies? With the recent debate in the New Mexico HB 390 Late-term Abortion Ban a fellow conceived in rape woman I know, was asked to be silent. She was told that her silence would save 95% of the babies that are killed in late term abortions. These politicians must assume that a woman who is desperate enough to receive a late term abortion will not lie about being raped to receive a way out of her current situation. Will my silence about being conceived in rape and being worthy of life really save 95% or will the “wink, wink-just say you were raped” approach of the abortion backers make that number 90%, 80% or even 50%? We don’t really know do we? Except we do know Norma McCorvey admitted she lied about being raped and that was why she needed an abortion. Many feel this was “an important point in the fact pattern of the Roe v. Wade case.”

1450211_10202177058243874_328216821_nPictured here, I spoke out at a press conference in Lansing, MI December 2013 and the bill in question was passed without a rape exception. Once we who were conceived in rape spoke out, those asking for the exception immediately stopped insisting there should be an exception. Why? Because they couldn’t say our lives didn’t matter!

Save the 1, a pro-life speaker group of the “exceptions and hard cases” have been told by pro-life strategists not to keep silent but rather to speak out. If we speak out every time a pro-life bill has a rape exception, the pro-life community will finally understand that pro-life bills should not have exceptions put in them, in the first place. Even if the bill is killed initially, because in the long run the realization will come that the bills need to be presented without exceptions. I wish everyone would understand that we don’t need exceptions to pass pro-life bills, Michigan never has. When we as a pro-life community say, “Some life is not valuable,” we value none.

There are many parallel example we can look at, what if the South agreed to no more slavery except for the men over 6 foot tall. “Tall men would be too hard to control if not enslaved, don’t worry we’ll free 95% of the slaves who are under six feet.” Could you imagine if we, as an America people, found that acceptable? Some of our greatest basketball and football players, are very tall African-American men. Can you imagine living in a society where they were still kept as slaves in the South? Of course not, that is ludicrous! But at the time of the Civil War the thought of slavery being overturned was ludicrous to many people, however the abolitionist fought on. They educated the masses, they showed pictures of the brutality of slavery and eventually garnered enough support to overturn laws.

What about today? Should we educate the masses, show them pictures of those conceived in rape and shout from the roof tops their life matters? Unless we can pass a bill that has no exceptions in it, unless we can tell everyone every life matters, unless we can create a ban that does not allow any “wink, wink-lying” we will not have a real opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade. What the masses need to understand is, if a woman has the option of saying she had been raped, she will use that option in a desperate time. She will then live with the guilt of abortion for the rest of her life. The abortion will not end the memories of a rape it will only end a life, how can we live with that?

Can you look at my picture and say my life does not matter?

Rathke 482cP @200


Effects of Sin, Shame and Guilt


There truly is a battle going on in our minds. Joyce Meyer’s best selling book “Battlefield of the Mind” has helped many people recognize and deal with this.

When the Father God sent us the promised Messiah, it was to complete the law. We now can come before Him in prayer through the name of Jesus Christ. (John 16:26) The veil that separated us from the Holy of Holies was torn as Jesus was sacrificed for us on the cross.(Matt 27:51) We can walk around each day with the power and Spirit of Christ dwelling in us. (Eph 3:29)  Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit and said that He would be our comforter and  counselor. Yet we still feel as though Adam and Eve did, when they took the fruit and disobeyed God, we feel shame, guilt and fear.  God can’t make us do anything, so we still hold onto the shame, guilt and fear that we battle in our minds.

As an adoptee I felt shame growing up knowing my birth mother suffers with severe mental illness. As an adult I had to overcome the shame finding out she had been raped and my biological father was a rapist. I had to overcome the guilt of the sin of divorce. I had to overcome the fear of being a single mom…… I did overcome these things through Jesus Christ! I had hard days; fearful, shame and guilt filled days, but faith helped me get through it all.

It takes faith to believe that we are truly forgiven. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. (Romans 10:17) I challenge you to read your Bible daily to fill yourself up with knowledge that our Father will never leave us nor forsake us, even when we sin, so we don’t need to walk around feeling ashamed. (Deu 31:6) Jesus did not come to condemn us but to save us, so we don’t need to continue to feel guilt once we have repented. (John 3:17) And we do not need to walk around in fear because the Bible tells us 365 times “Do Not Fear” for God is with us.

All of these lessons come from the Word, read it daily-just like you eat daily. Man does not leave on bread alone, but on every Word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4) Are you truly living life to the full? (John 10;10) Jesus said that is why He came, but you must increase your faith so you can live your life without shame, guilt and fear and be comforted through the Holy Spirit of Christ. Hard times will come, but take heart- you do not need to overcome, but rather be comforted that Christ has! (John 16:33)

Click HERE to hear the first 8 mins of my recent sermon at a homeless shelter on this topic.


Mary Rathke


An open letter to West Virginia House Delegate Brian Kurcaba

Dear Del. Brian Kurcaba,

Wow, did I just hear this correctly? Did you actually say that babies, even those from rape, are beautiful? In the day and age when the child born from rape are called the rapist baby, when a republican talk show host says these children are evil seed and need to die for the crimes of their fathers, when those conceived in rape receive emails from people saying, “Your mom made the wrong decision, and you should have been aborted.” During this time, you actually publicly stood up and said that these children are beautiful?

Thank you! You are my hero! You see, my mentally ill mother was raped on her way home from work one night. I am a child that is a beautiful, and blessed. A baby who was conceived in rape. Someone must have sent you my picture, did you see my pretty hair, and great smile? Someone must have told you all about beautiful me!

Yes that’s right, all of you who want to criticize House Delegate Brian, go ahead and criticize. It doesn’t change the truth, rape is ugly, but killing me would not have made the memories of the rape disappear from my mother, it would have only ended my life. I am worthy of life!

Sincerely and with much thanks,
Mary Rathke

Rathke is most recently being profiled in the Right to Life of Michigan state wide commercial campaign to let others know that something beautiful can come out of rape, visit RTL. org for more about the compassion project.