5 Back to School Hacks for Busy Moms

Like many other moms I was doing the happy dance on the first day of school. However with each new school year comes overwhelming piles of school papers, stressed out mornings and rushed evening chauffeuring. So this year I thought of a few ways to stay on top of everything.

  1. School Papers

EVERY kid comes home with piles of letters, notes, fliers and reminders. In the past they would sit in a pile and I would frantically dig through them trying to find the spelling list the morning of the test. This year I took dollar store clip boards and created an organized space. Now immediately when the papers come through the door I clip them in place.

photo 5(4)


2. Lunches

If your kids eat cold lunch, you have felt panic while frantically searching the cupboards for something to quickly pack as you hear the bus coming up the road. To make mornings easier I put a shoe organizer on the back of our pantry door. I marked five compartments Monday- Friday, and fill each one with non-perishable items for the lunches, so all I have to grab are the ice packs and sandwiches.

photo 2(4)


3. Outfits

Getting dressed in a matching outfit has been problem in our house. Especially if my husband is helping our five year old daughter. To remedy this situation I hung up pre-approved matching outfits in a special spot in my daughter’s closet. She still gets to “pick out” her outfit, as long as it comes from this special area. Win, win for all.

photo 3(4)


4. Evening Dinner

I have four children and running them to practices, appointments, and games can fill up every evening of the week… oh and I’m supposed to feed them something other than fast food. Add to that wandering through the grocery store wondering what I should get. To keep things simple this year I have a simple meal plan posted. I plan on crock-pot and leftover meals on our busiest nights, and I know what protein to grab when at the store, since it’s already been decided.

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5. Forms

Have you ever arrived at the school or doctor’s appointment and realized you forgot the form, insurance information or birth certificate you were asked to bring. Rushing out the door with kids, making sure their faces are clean and shoes are on is stressful enough without having to try and remember everything you will need throughout the evening. I have turned around one too many times to retrieved something I forgot. This year I attached two more clip boards to the garage/back door. Here I put the paperwork I will need in the next two days.  I also added a post-it pad to write reminders I need before heading out the door.





These hacks will only work if I take some time to prep and use them, but I know the amount of time I will save in the long run will be worth it. Feel free to share these ideas with your friends. Busy moms you will make it!