An Open Letter to President Trump, from a woman legally considered “not created equal.”

An Open Letter to President Trump, from a woman legally considered “not created equal.”

Thank you Mr President for signing a pro-life executive order during your first days in office. As a Pro-Life woman I am so proud that I rallied those here in Michigan to vote for you. I am confident you will nominate pro-life judges for the Supreme Court and I know you will sign pro-life bills when they are placed on your desk. However the big question I have is; will you continue signing them if they discriminate against my people group? Will I continue to be a part of the last group of Americans who are still legally discriminated against?

At this point I have lost you, right?

“No people group in America is discriminated against Mary….”

“We are all created equal Mary, everyone including you, are protected by the Constitution….”

Yet I am not. It may say we are “all created equal” but you don’t view my creation as equal with others, on the contrary you view my creation as the one reason women should have the right to choose abortion. You don’t see that I was created equal because my conception occurred from rape. I understand why you have taken up this policy. I call it “confused compassion,” your compassion for the rape victim clouds your ability to realize there are actually two victims. In my mother’s rape I was victim number two, and no matter what people say, the reality is, ending my life would not have made the memories of the rape go away for my mother. It would have only added more tragedy and pain to her heart.

So what is a politician to do? You are all told to sign the bill even if it has a rape exception otherwise it will not get passed. Yet that is a fallacy the left wants you to believe. Michigan has never passed a pro-life bill with a rape exception. When republicans pass pro-life legislation the democrats asks for a rape exception, instead of the politicians defending their position they allow us to defend ourselves. Those of us who were conceived in rape show up, hold a press conference or as we did in other states testify to the committee. We explain why we and all of those conceived as we were, deserve life.

Protect me too Mr President, don’t continue to have confused compassion, don’t be “pro-life except in the case of Mary Rathke,” but rather be pro-life for all. Because I’m pretty cute, smart, funny and there are a whole lot of people in this world who are thankful I was born, including my mother and especially my children. Let me and my hundreds of friends, colleagues and acquaintances defend ourselves when the bills come to your desk. It is time the world sees our faces, knows our names, and looks us in the eye before they claim we should not have been born.