Finish the Project!

I am mailing it today!!! This project has been hanging around my house since 2014, dread and procrastination hovered around it. Really it is a simply binder, with a few questions inside. To receive life experience credit for an on-line university I am enrolled in, I needed to type up a report and supply evidence. Sounds simple right? WRONG! Hole punching the programs, new clippings and endorsement letters I had was simple but writing it all down, facing the hours I had given to events and having someone decide whether or not the lesson I learned are worthy of credit…..

The fear that when my life was all put down on paper someone would measure it and say it was not worthy…. But perfect love casts out all fear and this is not about my actions being found worthy, I am found worthy through Christ alone! This project was actually an eye-opening learning experience showing me why people have come in and out of my life, lessons I have learned, and how I am very different person than I was seven years ago!

For me the timing was right, but what about you? What is hanging around your house, what undone project are you dreading? Ask yourself-Why? What are you really afraid of, what is the worst that can happening and then move forward with your goal…… I bet in the end you will feel like I do….. lighter! 100 lbs have left my shoulders and whatever the outcome I know that I did my best and the rest is up to God….. You know Maker of Heaven and Earth, He’s got this!