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My best response to “hate mail” -from a woman conceived in rape.

“You sick twisted b@&#!…”– I should have stopped reading as soon as I absorbed these first four words. What I continued to read, kept me up for hours.  “Why continue reading it?” you may ask.  I wanted to make sure that I was not receiving an actual real threat against myself or my family.  The awful, hate-filled, vile-soaked words felt like vomit on me, and filled me with horror.  The classic ending I have heard before, was there as well: “Your mother should have killed you.”

This type of hate is foreign to me.  Sure, I have been angry before, but never have I felt the need to degrade another human being–a stranger at that! When I receive ugly emails, blog comments or posts on my Facebook page, I pray for these people. I want God to fill their hearts with peace.  I pray they may feel the love of God.  Maybe they have never known peace, joy or love.  What kind of households did they grow up in? Were they taught to spew evil?  I am sad for them.


I had to report one person on Facebook because he explained what he would do to women on an abortion table!  Others just go on and on calling me hateful names.  “But, my name is Mary!” I want to shout. My name is beautiful!  My name is “loved, happy and glad-to-be-alive!!!”  It doesn’t matter how many times you call me bad names–they are not mine! I will not accept them, or believe them, they are lies.  To the authors of such vileness, I say, your name is “sad, angry and needs-to-be-loved.”  I pray someone will cross your path that will open your heart to love, blessing and forgiveness through our Lord Jesus Christ.

From now on, I will stick to the “hate mail plan” I set up after I received media attention last December for speaking out against tax-payer funding for abortion in cases of rape/incest at the Michigan state capital.  I will not open these messages and read the lies, but will forward them on to a trusted, Pro-Life adviser who will screen them for actual threats.  I will only accept positive feedback on my personal blog page. I read enough negative, pro-choice debate on other sites.  My blog was not created to engage debate, but rather to tell the world that I am Mary; I am wanted and blessed, and like me, all babies conceived in rape are not an ugly reminder of a tragic event. We are beautiful, loved, happy, blessed, and glad-to-be-alive!

Edited by Shawn Spry